In a world where we are constantly connected to each other by technology and social media, we can forget that the key to good communication is listening. 

Specsavers audiologists in Hunstanton are encouraging everyone to listen up in the wake of this months World Hearing Day. 

Raising awareness 

Many people are not aware that hearing loss is very common and affects people of all ages. Startlingly, 1 in 6 people in the UK have some kind of hearing loss. Your hearing changes over time and for different reasons, which is why people experience different types of loss, at different ages. 

A word from the audiologist

Specsavers Hunstanton audiologist, Moira Staniforth, explained ‘Evidence shows people suffering with hearing loss can end up feeling isolated and lonely as they struggle to communicate and join in with others. Therefore, it is crucial that people are more aware of how to spot and manage hearing loss at the earliest opportunity. It should not be neglected.’

Hearing protection

Hearing protection is not just for people working with loud machinery, there are many ways to protect your hearing in everyday life. At home, keep the television or the volume on your headphones to less than 60% of the maximum volume. Conditions such as Tinnitus are caused by loud noises and the damage caused is irreversible.

Wax on wax off

If you notice a build-up of ear wax, don’t be tempted to poke it out with a cotton bud, go to the professionals! 

Most importantly, if you are aged over have a regular hearing tests once a year. Any issues can be detected early and treated accordingly so you see little or no impact on your life. 

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