Ahead of World Sight Day on 10 October, Stuart Forrester, director of the Galashiels store explains why getting in a regular pattern of eye examinations every two years from childhood is essential.

He said: 'Specsavers is there to support you and your eyes through every stage of your life.

'If you are aware of any family history of eye problems, it is important to discuss this with your optometrist. And whether your child wears glasses or not, it’s important to take them for regular check-ups as problems can develop at any age.'

Detecting eye conditions early
'Children should have regular eye examinations from as early as possible as a child’s eye will not be fully developed until they are eight years old. During this developmental period, opticians may be able to correct some eye conditions — as long as they are detected early enough. 

'Conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (squint) often go undetected, which could lead to lifelong problems. Research shows this has an effect on educational performance and can also restrict career options. In serious cases, this can result in partial, irreversible sight loss. However, when detected early, many problems can be easily corrected.

'If you and your family are due an appointment for an eye examination, get in touch with our fantastic team.'

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