One of Dunstable's optician team members received a glowing letter from a teenage customer whom she had helped with her dyslexia as well as her eye tests at Specsavers: 

Dear Nichola,

Thank you so much for the glasses! I love them so much and thank you.

Now as you may know, because my mum would have told you, this week I will be having my S.A.Ts and already from doing just a few tests I can tell that the glasses are really helping me.

I also really like you because you were nice, kind and you really understood me. I think that both me and my mum have really appreciated all of the help and support that you have done to make people know that I am dyslexic.

I just hope that your letter to the MP will help people just like me all over the world and that they can get as good a treatment as I did, once again thank you.

All the best,

Pheobe, Dunstable

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