The start of the New Year sparks many of us to try something new.  And here to help those considering contact lenses for the first time are specialist advisors from Specsavers across Surrey.

How about dual-use?

Maybe you are embarking on a new fitness regimes and the thought of wearing a pair of frames while running around a football or netball pitch is off-putting?  Specsavers contact lens advisors across every store in Surrey are familiar with this dilemma.  'We have many sporty customers who are dual users of frames and contact lenses.  Taking that leap may seem a bit daunting, but once you trial them, you are converted!' says James Sawyer, regional chair for Specsavers in Surrey.

Types of lenses

Innovation has evolved massively over the years.  Contact lenses are more comfortable and there are different types to suit sport lovers.

Says James Sawyer: 'The plus point for contact lenses is great field of vision when playing sports.  You do not need to worry about any protective headgear getting in the way or an expensive pair of frames getting damaged.  You can even get contact lenses with a UV filter to protect eyes from the sun making them ideal for cricket, golf and tennis players.’

Have a free trial

Tempted to give them a go this New Year?  Even if you are not sporty, contact lenses can suit your lifestyle so why not give them a go?  Specsavers stores across Surrey offer a free trial.  Visit a store to have your assessment where an advisor will suggest the right lens to suit you.  From here, you will get one pair of monthly contact lenses or five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses to try, free.

Visit your local Surrey Specsavers store to learn more.

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