The store has collected over 500 pairs of old glasses from customers, staff and members of the public which will be donated to Vision Aid Overseas (VAO).

When customers bring their old, unloved specs to store they are given a new lease of life.

As each pair of specs is unique to their original owner, VAO cannot simply give them to people who need their sight improved. So instead they recycle the glasses by selling the reusable materials and use the funds to give people in developing countries badly-needed eye tests and treatment, and training of local optometrists.

A word from the store director

Store director, Ross McLachlan said: “I’ve worn glasses since I was 9 and I was more interested in wearing the most stylish specs than the latest clothes!

‘Children and adults across many developing countries don’t have the easy access to eyecare we often take for granted.

'In some cases children can effectively be ‘blind’ because they don’t have spectacles, which prevents them from going to school – yet this could easily be helped by correcting their vision with an eye test.

By donating their old glasses our generous customers are helping the world’s poorest communities to see clearly.’

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