As home improvement projects prove popular during the lockdown and warmer months, Specsavers in Berkshire are asking DIY enthusiasts to take extra care to avoid eye injuries.

Prevention is better than cure, and wearing suitable eye protection is always the real solution. However, there are still some everyday danger areas to be aware of.

Stay on the lookout

Dealing with twigs in the eye is incredibly common. Whilst gardening, some people fail to notice the tips of branches when leaning to cut hedges or pushing piles of twigs in the bin. This can cause small scratches, or even rip off layers of the cornea which can be very painful.

When mowing and strimming the lawn, or using power tools like drills and pressure washers, it’s really important to watch out for hidden objects that can be caught up and spat out by your equipment, like rogue clothes pegs for example.

And when dealing with paints, solvents and chemicals, remember that these are severe irritants with a high alcohol content that can be a real danger for eyes.

Looking after your eyes

If you do experience any trouble with your eyes, Specsavers in Berkshire remain open for care for any advice or emergencies. However, there are some steps you can take at home to alleviate any problems.

What to do

Abby Hicks, optical regional chair for Specsavers in Berkshire, said: ‘If you have a foreign object in the eye, you can try to flush it out with water. In bad cases, you can see your optician who can swab to remove the foreign body and apply antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection.

Similarly, if chemicals or solvents get in the eye, it is essential to flush out the eye immediately with water for 20-30 minutes. Tilt your head so the water runs across your eye towards your ear, in order to prevent contaminating your other eye and seek medical assistance.

If you suffer a cut on the outside of your eye, on your eyelid for example, clean it out and treat it like you would with any other scratch. However, if you suffer a cut or scratch on the eyeball itself and are experiencing pain or visual disturbance you should immediately seek help from an optician.

Remember, if you sustain any injuries to your eye that you’re unable to treat at home, you should immediately seek help from an optician. Our teams in Berkshire are always ready to help.’


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