Exciting news!  Registration for the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games - that takes place on 15th and 16th June - is now OPEN.

Third-year supporting this great event
All stores in Surrey are delighted to be onboard for its third year supporting this unique event that enables children to try sports for free and participate in a mini Olympic-style sports event over a full weekend.

Nothing else matches it when it comes to participation numbers, scale and enjoyment levels in Surrey, and the feedback from all the children, parents and communities who take part year on year is a testament to its success.

Delighted to provide financial support
Directors across Surrey provide the essential financial support required to keep the event alive and kicking. It gives children the opportunity to try new sports for free and promotes the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle from an early age. As a business that focuses on health, the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games provides the perfect opportunity for stores to collectively bring to these core values to life.

Campbell Livingston, Director of Active Surrey says:
'Along with the work that we do at Active Surrey to organise the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games, young people wouldn't get the chance to try out those new activities without the support of local councils, the volunteers who run the coaching and all our sponsors. On behalf of those taking part in the Games, we'd like to say a big thank you to all the Surrey Specsavers' store directors for getting involved and making a difference.'

To find out where your child can sign up for free activities, click here.

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