Preventable sight loss

To mark this year’s Diabetes Awareness Day, Specsavers is encouraging people across the UK to ensure they are having regular sight tests, after it is revealed that one in five adults are unaware eye tests can detect signs of the condition. 

The awareness drive coincides with the International Diabetes Federation’s new initiative, the Eyes on Diabetes project – which aims to highlight the fact that deteriorating vision is a key symptom of diabetes.

The importance of eye tests

Regular eye examinations are essential when it comes to detection - a full eye test today can pick up a range of indicators of diabetes. Digital retinal photography takes a photograph of the back of the eye – the only part of the body where the microcirculation of blood can be directly observed. It is already included as standard part of an eye test at Specsavers for all patients over 40 and when otherwise deemed necessary by the optician. 

Ensuring the early detection of type two diabetes is a particular priority given the reported rise in the condition. People with diabetes are 25 times more at risk of going blind than someone without the condition and early detection of any problems can be crucial in helping to prevent blindness.

Managing diabetes

If an indicator of diabetes is identified during an eye examination, the optician will refer the patient for further tests with a medical practitioner. If the patient is diagnosed with the condition there will be healthcare support and information provided by the NHS.

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