As part of Wear a Hat Day (Friday 29 March), Specsavers stores across Hampshire have seized the all-too-infrequent opportunity to wear their favourite headwear to work, in order to raise awareness for Brain Tumour Research. 

Acting as an official sponsor for the charity, the local opticians are aiming to highlight the impact even a routine eye test can have in the detection of brain tumours.

Potentially life-saving check-ups

Jo Cox, Regional Chair of Specsavers for many of the Hampshire stores underlined the benefits of routine check-ups and said: ‘Eye tests are not just about finding a prescription – we are also able to find signs of problems with blood pressure, diabetes and serious health issues such as tumours behind the eye. There are real instances of individuals avoiding fatal consequences after visiting our stores for a routine check-up. People can find they have serious eye health-related problems that often are otherwise undetectable.”

Raising awareness and genuine investment

As well as taking part in fun ways to raise awareness, Specsavers are also facilitating Brain Tumour detection through their investment in brand new, hospital grade technology worth £40,000. Deployed across stores in Hampshire, Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) machines can detect tumours growing on the optic nerve or behind the eye. Their use in routine check-ups means getting your eyes tested regularly can be invaluable in maintaining your eye, and broader physical health.

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