With local roads expected to be busier than usual over Christmas due to the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in Surrey are urging people to make sure that their vision is in tip-top condition.


And they have some tips for glasses wearers to make sure that they have the best possible protection for their eyes as they take to the local roads.


Regular eye tests matter


Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical services director, says: ‘Having good eyesight is one of the most basic requirements of safe driving. It means drivers will be able to spot potential dangers, see pedestrians and other vehicles, read road signs and judge speed, distance and movement. Without this, there can be catastrophic consequences on the road – and even more so when changes to weather make driving conditions precarious.


‘While we want to encourage all drivers to have an up-to-date eye test to ensure that they can see clearly on the road, for those who do wear glasses, it is also important to ensure that their lenses are suitable for driving too.’


Consider special lenses


Suitable lenses can include those coated with an anti-reflection and scratch-resistant treatment called UltraClear SuperClean, which reduces dazzle when driving and makes your glasses easier to clean.


Polarised lenses are also a good option for driving in daylight as they eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces, such as roads, water and snow. They also offer 100% UV protection, improve contrast and help ease the strain on your eyes, so they are particularly good for driving in bright conditions.


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