With many people expected to travel to see their relatives as local lockdowns are eased over Christmas, the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in the Isle of Wight have joined forces with the road safety charity Brake to offer some advice on how to stay safe on local roads.

And while most drivers legally have to get an MOT each year to check their car is safe, the same is not true of getting an eye test – or an MOT for your vision.

Keep your vision healthy

Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical services director, said: ‘Having good eyesight is one of the most basic requirements of safe driving. It means drivers will be able to spot potential dangers, see pedestrians and other vehicles, read road signs and judge speed, distance and movement.

‘Without this, there can be catastrophic consequences on the road – and even more so when changes to weather make driving conditions precarious.

Get regular eye tests

‘While we want to encourage all drivers to have an up-to-date eye test to ensure that they can see clearly on the road, for those who do wear glasses, it is also important to ensure that their lenses are suitable for driving too.’

If you are overdue an eye test or want to check that your glasses are designed to keep you and other road users safe, why not pop into your local Specsavers store in the Isle of Wight today.

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