Specsavers across the London region have launched a range of glasses especially for children with low nose bridges, including children with Down’s syndrome.

Disney range

The KidsFit Disney range has been developed in partnership with experts in facial parameters, as well as parents and carers.

The fun and functional glasses are now available in Specsavers stores nationwide. The specs feature Disney favourites including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Star Wars and characters from the Marvel Universe.

Alicia Thompson, a leading expert in children’s facial parameters, is welcoming the new range.

‘Glasses for all children should be designed with features that match their developing facial parameters. This range would be suitable for many children. The Specsavers new Disney range is a great balance of fashion and function.

‘One feature that is particularly important in this range is the bridge is set lower on the frames – this naturally helps the child look through the lenses rather than over the top. The flex sides also make them both safe and substantial.’

Cora Bishop launches the range

Helping to launch the range is seven-year-old Cora Bishop, who has Down’s syndrome. Cora’s mother, Sheryl Bishop, says: ‘We’re really excited about the new range. The colours and the designs on the arms are perfect for her. Now just knowing that she has some that fit her well and won't fall off when she’s running around is amazing. 

'The new KidsFit glasses are going to make things so much easier for us, in the past, Cora has bent her glasses out of shape because they didn’t quite fit the bridge of her nose properly.’

Glasses discount

Two of the glasses feature special 150-degree flex hinges to offer enhanced durability, making the glasses easier to take on and off.

At Specsavers, all under-16s get a free NHS eye test. All glasses in Specsavers’ kids’ £64 and teens’ £85 ranges are free with an under-16s’ NHS optical voucher. Children can also choose a second pair from the £64 or £85 range, free. Both pairs come with single vision lenses with a scratch-resistant treatment and UV filter or you can choose to have tinted prescription lenses and UV filter free in your second pair.



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