During lockdown many of us found that we were spending longer staring at screens than ever before, after swapping offices for working from home and face to face meetings for endless video calls.

This – and the need to wear facemasks when out and about – has contributed in a rise in the number of people reporting that their eyes feel dry and irritated.

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The good news is that the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in Sussex are here to help you keep your vision in tip top condition. When we stare at screens for a long time we tend to blink less, which means our eyes are more likely to dry out, and doing this can also lead to eye strain.

The experts recommend taking regular screen breaks, and even just taking 20 seconds to look at something a little further away every 20 minutes. If you find that your eyes are irritated after wearing a mask, check out these top tips.

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While changing your daily routine could help your eyes feel more comfortable, you might need a little extra help from the friendly and efficient team at your local Specsavers store.

They can offer you some advice – and eye drops – to help keep your eyes lubricated, and can also check the state of your eye and even general health through a comprehensive eye test. So why not give your local Sussex store a call today.

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