Following World Glaucoma week, Specsavers Beckenham and Penge are continuing the momentum by releasing sample images of the implications of the condition.

Hazy eye sight

Pictured above is Specsavers Beckenham and Penge store director, Premal Patel, with the outer edges of the picture blurred deliberately to simulate the hazy quality of sight caused by glaucoma.

Nullifying glaucoma

Premal said: ‘These images obviously cannot be 100% accurate by they aim to give an impression of the sort of damage that can be done to a person’s sight by glaucoma.

‘As a silent sight condition, which often shows no real symptoms until significant damage has been done, it’s incredibly important for people to have their eyes tested regularly in order to nullify its potential impact.

‘We are highly skilled in diagnoses eye conditions and the earlier we are able to diagnose potential issues, the better positioned we are to treat the condition in the best way we can.’

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