Grannies stop traffic in Oxford

15 December, 2017
Three dancing grannies entertained people outside Specsavers in Oxford
The three dancing grannies entertaining people outside Specsavers Oxford

An unusual sight greeted shoppers outside Specsavers in Oxford, with three dancing grannies causing quite a stir!

Despite appearances and the three older ladies seemingly just resting and sat on chairs outside the shopfront, they were soon up and entertaining passers-by with a series of energetic routines to pop songs.

Putting a smile on people's faces

‘At one point, there was such a crowd gathered, the buses were struggling to get through,’ said store director, Abby Jobson.

‘Everyone seemed to love the grannies and it was great to do something a bit different on a busy Saturday in the centre of Oxford. It certainly put a smile on people’s faces!’

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