This September marked another National Eye Health Week. However, this year, things were a little different, as due to lockdown, more people have missed out on regular eye examinations than in recent years. This means that many preventable health conditions have potentially gone unnoticed.

That’s why your local opticians is encouraging the community to put eye tests top of the to-do list this month.

Why eye examinations are important

Anis Mawani, Regional Optical chair for Specsavers in Cambridgeshire, said: 'Not only is 50% of sight loss avoidable with early detection, but other aspects of your health can be picked up through a visit to your opticians too. This is due to the fantastic diagnostic equipment available in our stores called Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT).

'Hospital-grade OCT technology uses light to take more than 1,000 images of the back of the eye, including the retina optic nerve.

'A layered image is then created to allow the optometrist to view the deeper structures of the eye in more detail than ever before, meaning sight-threatening conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma and even brain tumours, can be picked up earlier.

'For a visit that takes under 30 minutes every two years, it’s worthwhile booking that appointment.'

Safety a guarantee

As always, any sudden changes in vision or eye health needs to be seen urgently.  Anis continues: 'We remained open for urgent care during lockdown, and we are now available to see more people and not just emergencies.  We are following incredibly stringent hygiene procedures in store, as well as ensuring customers adhere to social distancing.  Opticians and audiologists have full PPE protection and customer safety remains paramount during these challenging times.'


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