Shoppers could not believe their eyes when they tested out the Specsavers photo booth at The Centre Livingston on Saturday 6 October.

Customers were invited to capture a free photo memory – but the photograph produced showed the memory through the eyes of someone with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

What is AMD?

AMD is a common eye condition and is the leading cause of loss of vision, so the images were blurred to demonstrate how vision can deteriorate. Customers also got their hands on an unaltered photograph too.

The aim of the initiative, which took place after National Eye Health Week, was to promote the importance of regular eye health checks, encouraging people to ensure they can fully enjoy future memories.

A word from the store director

Ted Akil, store director of Specsavers Livingston, said: ‘The photo booth proved very popular with Livingston shoppers which we are really pleased about, as we know those who tried it out also took away a very important message.

‘National Eye Health Week was the perfect opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of eye health. A simple eye test can tell us a lot about your general health and when conditions are picked up early there’s a lower chance of risking your vision.’

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