Keen to keep the community safe and visible on the roads this winter, local opticians New Malden, donated high vis jackets.

Keeps children visible all year round

The team were delighted to offer 200 high vis jackets to their local Burlington Junior School.  Store director and optometrist Dr Ahmed Sivardeen has always championed children’s safety and visibility on his local roads, and to date, has supplied nearly 500 fluorescent vests to the community over the few years.

Visiting Burlington Junior School

Dr Sivardeen hand-delivered the branded jackets, chatted with the children and discussed road safety with teacher, Mrs Pam Hall. Ahmed explains why road safety is close to his own heart: ‘2,900 casualties are caused each year in this country due to poor driver vision. This is a staggering number when you consider it is preventable.

'Keeping children visible on our roads is one step we can improve visibility of pedestrians for drivers. But responsibility also firmly sits with an estimated quarter of UK drivers who have not had an eye examination in the last two years to get their vision checked. Ask yourself: 'Do I know that my vision is as it should be to get behind the wheel today.' Not last year, or 5 years ago but today.'

Support from local ambassador

James Berry, MP for Kingston & Surbiton, recently visited both Specsavers in New Malden and Burlington Junior School. James said:

'Promoting road safety in the community is vitally important, especially around our schools. I commend Dr Sivardeen's initiative in donating high vis jackets to pupils at Burlington School.

I agree with Dr Sivardeen and Specsavers' important message that drivers should be fully compliant with the rules set out by the DVLA and know their vision is up to standard required to drive.’

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