The blurred outer edges of the image above may be a source of minor irritation for people with good vision, but for sufferers of glaucoma, this is a daily occurrence.

Hazy vision

The sight condition, which affects more than 700,000 in the UK, is known to cause hazy and blurred eye sight, particularly with peripheral vision, and leads to permanent damage to vision.

Following World Glaucoma Awareness Week, Specsavers Eltham and Woolwich store director, Mike WIlliams is continuing to encourage people to have their scheduled check-ups to limit the potential damage of the condition.

Preventable condition

Mike says: ‘Glaucoma obviously affects a high number of people in the UK but the damage done is entirely preventable.

‘Early diagnosis is key and as experts in eye care, we are fantastically positioned to ensure that anyone that is diagnosed with glaucoma can be treated in the best way possible.’

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