During National Road Safety Week in November, Alison Vaughan, hearcare director from Specsavers Southampton, Romsey, Totton, Shirley and Bitterne, was keen to help promote the importance of good hearing and vision behind the wheel.

Driver Skills Scheme 60+ workshop

Alison was kindly invited to attend a workshop aimed at mature, experienced drivers. Held at Brockenhurst Village Hall and organised by the Road Safety Team at Hampshire County Council, the workshop focused on how to stay safe and independent when driving, and raised awareness of the Highway Code and Driving Licence regulations.

Why good vision and hearing is paramount

Part of the session addressed driving with medical conditions. Alison was onhand to discuss how impaired hearing can cause dizziness behind the wheel and reminded the drivers that anyone over the age of 55 years should have a hearing test. The good news is that a hearing test is free at Specsavers.

Alison also attended the workshop with a colleague who discussed regulations around vision and reiterated the message that every time you get behind the wheel, you need to ask yourself: 'Is my vision as it should be, today?' 

This is why a sight test is recommended every two years as a minimum to ensure any changes in vision and eye health are monitored. However, it is recommended that over-55s get their eyes checked on a yearly basis.

Thank you for the invitation

Alison said: 'We had a lovely time meeting an audience of more than 50 people and we were very honoured to be invited by Graham Mylward who hosted the session. We were able to offer some insight and advice around vision and hearing health and received positive feedback from those who attended.' 

For more information about the Driver Skills Scheme 60+ follow the link here

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