Store director Catherine Kidd visited Gurnard Primary School recently to host an eye awareness workshop for Year 1 pupils.

Learning about how eyes work

The class were focusing on ‘My body’ as part of their science education and an insight into how eyes work was welcomed by Headteacher, Miss Vanessa Hicks.

Catherine talked to the children about the different parts of the eye and how the eye works. The class then had a chance to look through some positive and negative lenses and see how it made things bigger or smaller. There were lots of fun activities too. The children made large, paper eyes and the session concluded with the whole class coming together to make one giant eye.

Miss Hicks commented on the session: 'The workshop was very informative and the children really enjoyed it! We thank Catherine for her time and giving the class some insight into how our eyes work.'

A word from the store director

Store director Catherine Kidd said: 'It is estimated that 80% of the information that a child uses for learning is visual, but that one in four children are struggling with undiagnosed vision problems.

'Therefore, having good vision is vital in helping a child develop in school. If they struggle to read or cannot see a board or screen clearly, they are unlikely to achieve their full potential. With this in mind, it is great for the team here at Specsavers to visit schools and start educating children early on how precious our vision is. We recommend that children should have regular eye examinations every two years from the age of three upwards.

‘We find that when we attend a school, it helps to raise the importance of sight tests in the family home. Children tell their parents about what they learned in school that day and it can prompt a parent to book appointments for the family.'

Eye examinations are paid for by the NHS for all children under the age of 16, and for students in full time education under the age of 19. Both stores in Newport and Ryde have lots of frames to suit children, including the new Crayola collection and well-loved Disney ranges.

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