If you have glaucoma, you probably already know that applying your eye drops as directed is essential to managing the condition.

And good glaucoma management matters because it gives you the best possible chance of saving your sight from a condition which has been called a ‘silent thief’, as it often has no symptoms until your vision has already been damaged.

Here to help

Fortunately, the teams at the two Specsavers stores in Kings Lynn are here to support people in managing glaucoma – and have recently embraced a new training course to help them even better serve customers.

The course, designed by Specsavers and the International Glaucoma Association, is designed to help retail staff support customers to apply their eye drops effectively.

A word from the store director

Mark Willis, store director in Kings Lynn, said: ‘We are committed to serving the needs of our customers whatever they may be, and so we were keen to upskill our retail team to provide more support on the shop floor.

‘Regular eye tests are crucial in detecting glaucoma. So if you have not had one for a while, or if you have noticed any blurring of your vision, why not come and see us.’

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