For many, lockdown has led to them feeling like they are experiencing changes in their vision.

Working long hours from home and spending more time staring at screens and doing video calls has left a lot of people across Suffolk feeling like their eyes are far dryer than normal. The good news is that the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores across the county are here to help.

Too much screen time – and masks can make it worse

For the reasons explained above – plus wearing face masks and coverings when they travel or shop – some people are noticing that their eyes feel irritated or just less comfortable than they usually would.

Masks can lead to eye discomfort. You can read more top tips on how to counter this here. And spending too much time looking at electronic devices – which can lead us not to blink as much as we usually would to lubricate our eyes – can also cause eye strain.

Here to help

Sometimes just a screen break or taking some time out to rest your eyes can be enough to make them feel normal, but if you need a little extra help, you should get in touch with your local Suffolk store.

They can check that your eyes are healthy, and also give your eye drops that will make you feel a lot more comfortable. So why not give your local store a call today.

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