Tim Bennet, store director for Blandford Forum and Poole really appreciated the hard efforts of his team to brace the snow and serve customers during our recent cold snap.

Fun in the snow

Keen to make the most of the white stuff, his colleagues made a snowman to promote their services. They ensured he had some UV protective eye wear on because the sun is lower in winter months and can cause discomfort to the eyes. 

Also, reflections off the snow can cause glare so Mr Snowman's shades helped to protect him from harmful  UV radiation and help reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts.

Making Mr Snowman work hard

Once the team knew Mr Snowman was protected, and had an umbrella to shelter under, they got him to promote their hearcare services too. 

A word from the store director

Tim Bennet, store director, says: 'The snow always brings the child within us out and this was evident with the creation of our snowman! But on a more serious note, we wanted to let customers know that we were open and here to help with any eye or hearing aliments.  

'Snow can sometimes cause a few issues, notably dry eye that is usually evident with a gritty sensation and also, an inflamed conjunctiva caused by cross infection when you have a cold or flu. We were able to help customers suffering with such ailments during this recent cold snap.'

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