Those planning on dressing up this Hallowe’en are being urged to look after their eyes in order to avoid an unexpected ‘sight-mare’.

Specsavers wants to ensure that fancy dress revellers don’t play a trick on their eyes through costume contact lenses and make-up and instead treat them to the care they deserve however they choose to celebrate this 31 October. 

To avoid a frightening mishap this Hallowe’en

  1. Seek guidance from your optician before using novelty contact lenses 
  2. Avoid purchasing cheap products online 
  3. Clean and store your lenses properly to avoid infection 
  4. Do not fall asleep in your lenses  
  5. Never share contact lenses with other people

Store directors from London say 

If a wearer hasn’t had a proper consultation with an optometrist beforehand, they probably haven’t been taught how to wear or care for their lenses correctly. The results can be nasty and range from mildly irritating complications, such as blurry vision and conjunctivitis, to potentially sight-threatening conditions, such as fungal infections like microbial keratitis.

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