Zoom calls. More time on screens. Maybe working longer hours? Yes – all familiar issues we are hearing about across Norfolk.

Most times, dry eyes are the cause and we are the experts at fixing this for you!

Why dry eye is on the rise

For the reasons explained above – plus wearing face masks and coverings – people are noticing some subtle changes that are causing irritation and discomfort. This is because when staring at a screen, we blink less, and the eyes are not as lubricated as they should be. A face mask can also cause a bit of irritation as airflow is affected and you can read more here for some top tips.

Plus, excessive time on our devices can cause eye strains as the muscles are fixed in one static place for a long period of time.

What’s the remedy?

Some little tweaks to your day to day may suffice. Regular breaks from the screens will give eyes a well-needed rest. But sometimes, extra help is required with eye drops. Our opticians can access your eye health to check nothing more serious is the cause and prescribe you with eye drops to provide relief.

We also recommend that any sudden changes in your eye health – from discomfort to vision changes – are looked at straight away.

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