In Plymouth, 43,500* people are estimated to be living with hearing loss and 7,950** are estimated to be living with sight loss, which is why Specsavers opticians and audiologists in Plymouth are urging you to show some TLC to your senses.

Advice from optometrist, Dr Josie Forte

Optometrist and Plymouth Specsavers group, store director, Dr Josie Forte, said: ‘A quarter of people are still not having an eye test every two years, as recommended by the College of Optometrists. The extent of the problem means it is highly likely that every family in Plymouth is touched by sight problems in some way.’

Advice from audiologist, Michael Hobbs

Michael Hobbs, director of hearing services, said: ‘When it comes to our hearing, research shows that, on average, people wait around 10 years to seek help for hearing loss after first noticing a problem***. This is a huge amount of time for someone to struggle with their hearing, especially when you consider that people with hearing loss are more likely to suffer with depression and develop dementia.’

Next steps

This Deafblind Awareness Week do not feel isolated from the world anymore. Hearing and optical advisors are available in Specsavers Armada Way, Saltash and Plymstock and they can arrange an eye or hearing test, or just talk through your options.

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