How much do you know about glaucoma?

Did you know, for example that while it is more common in older adults, anyone can get glaucoma at any age? Or that once sight has been lost to glaucoma, it cannot be restored?

Regular eye tests

One of the biggest tools in the fight against glaucoma is having a regular eye test, according to the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in East Dereham, Fakenham and Sheringham.

Regular eye tests matter because glaucoma can present with no symptoms in the early days. By the time some people realise that there is a problem they have already suffered some damage to their vision.

A word from the store director

Michael Meller, ophthalmic director at the Specsavers stores in East Dereham, Fakenham and Sheringham, said: ‘Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible sight loss, so early detection really matters.

‘So if you have not had an eye test in a while, why not book one online today – especially if you are over 40 or have experienced any blurring of your vision. It could save your sight.’

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