Dr Josie Forte is a store director from the Specsavers Plymouth Group, including Armada Way, Marsh Mills, Plymstock and Saltash.

Each month in 2018 she will be offering essential eye health advice to the readers of the Plymouth Herald.

This month Dr Josie tackles the problems with New Year resolutions. The full column can be found here.  

January solutions

'Every January I make a list of resolutions, like going to the gym and eating healthier, but don’t we all? This January I want to remind everyone how important a regular eye test is for every member of the family.'

Healthy eyes

'An eye test is a great way to check how well you can see and your optometrist will be happy to see you at least every two years (or sooner if you have any conditions that need additional attention). While checking your vision, the optometrist will also take this very valuable opportunity to examine your eyes and make sure that all is healthy.'

Sight saving

'Did you know however, that in addition to a regular eye test you can also visit your optician if you are experiencing eye health symptoms including things like visual disturbances, redness or soreness with your eyes?

'In this instance, your optometrist will carry out a specific Eye Health Consultation to check for anything more serious which may need further attention or simply to put your mind at rest.'

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