If you’re heading to a fireworks display this Bonfire Night, Specsavers stores across London are encouraging everyone to stay a safe distance back in order to protect their hearing.


To ensure your ears aren’t harmed from the loud whizzes and bangs from the colourful explosions, experts recommend standing at least 20 metres away from where the fireworks are lit.

Sound safety


Gordon Harrison, Specsavers chief audiologist, says: ‘According to UK regulations, the legal limit for fireworks is 120 decibels. That’s a huge 35 decibels above the level of noise where hearing damage occurs. The good news is, if you distance yourself enough from the fireworks – ideally at least 20 metres from where the fireworks are lit  - then this should diminish the sound to a safe level.’


It is also recommended that those who are putting on displays invest in hearing protection. ‘If you are lighting fireworks yourself make sure you invest in a pair of earplugs,’ adds Gordon.


To book a hearing test, and for a range of hearing protection, visit www.specsavers/hearing


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