Every year the same mantra is chanted, “New Year New Me” but what does that actually mean for our health? Perhaps a new diet and a gym membership, or finally signing up to that fitness class. There are, however, other parts of our health that can get neglected which is why staff at Specsavers in Bootle’s Stand Shopping Centre and Specsavers in Crosby Village are urging people to take a look at their senses to start off the New Year.

Get some sleep

Do you ever feel your eyes twitching from time to time? These uncomfortable and distracting spasms are known as myokymia and can often be caused by a lack of sleep.

Sara Taylor, a director at both stores says: ‘It’s essential that we all get enough sleep as it give our bodies an opportunity to rest – including our eye muscles, which will help to stop them from twitching.’

Ringing around

An irritating ringing noise in the ear is usually down to being around loud noises. However, it can also be a sign of excessive build-up of wax, head or neck injuries or high blood pressure.

Audiology director at both stores, Nicola Williams explains: ‘This is known as tinnitus and while for most the ringing, buzzing, humming or whizzing sound is temporary, for others it can be permanent. For those suffering from persistent tinnitus it is advised they visit their Specsavers audiologist to see what may be behind the noise and talk about ways to manage the sound.’

Maintaining eye and ear health

Specsavers stores in Bootle and Crosby recommend everyone has a sight test once every two years and that those over 55 should also get their hearing checked every two years.


Audiology services have now significantly increased across both stores – there are two hearcare practitioners and an audiologist working across both stores.


Audiology services can now be accessed from Monday – Friday in Crosby and on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in Bootle.


Optical services are available seven days a week at both stores. Both stores recently added OCT technology – eye scanning equipment usually only found in hospitals.


Local people are invited to pop in or call the stores to make an appointment for optical or audiology services at their convenience.

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