Specsavers Downpatrick marks its second year in business and looks back at its recent achievements in health care management, specialist training, and introducing advanced eye care services to the local area.

A successful two years

Since opening in The Grove Shopping Centre in 2017, the Downpatrick Specsavers team has further enhanced its range of eye care services as well as supporting local community initiatives.

The team donated high visibility vests to help 1st and 2nd Downpatrick Beaverscouts be seen better on the roads this winter as part of an annual Road Safety Week initiative.

Specsavers Downpatrick is also part of the Primary Eye-care Assessment and Referral Service (PEARS), aimed at encouraging patients with a sudden eye problem to access care from a locally accredited optometrist; rather than attending hospital eye casualty or their GP.

Investing in local eyecare

Store director Paula Cunningham said: 'We’ve had a very productive second year in Downpatrick. To date, we have welcomed new customers and we have encouraged our staff to achieve qualifications in specialist conditions such as cataracts and ocular hypertension. We are also honoured to be the first Specsavers in Northern Ireland to introduce advanced eye tests as part of our services.'

Specsavers Downpatrick was the first Specsavers in Northern Ireland to invest in innovative 3D scanning technology by installing an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine – a cutting-edge piece of equipment, usually found in hospital eye departments.

A word from the store director

Paula added: 'We’re delighted that we have become an important part of the local community, providing essential health services to so many and hope that in the years to come we can build on that to help even more people keep their eyes and ears healthy.'

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