Customer Esther Kiehl has thanked Specsavers in Colchester for all the support she received after a visit to the opticians.

The 46-year-old clinical psychologist, who originally hails from Germany, developed floaters on 23 October last year while using her computer at work and decided to contact Specsavers, who were able to see her straight away.

Seen on the same day

Esther said: ‘I started to get concerned when my vision wasn’t clearing and I was going on holiday to Germany the next day, so it was fantastic that they were able to book me in on the day. The team were so helpful and referred me immediately to the hospital, where they suggested I book an appointment with an eye specialist while I was away. The doctor confirmed that it was a vitreous bleed and when I came home I had laser treatment to mend the tear in my retina.’

Since the operation, Esther has returned home and is 90 per cent healed. She has been told she should make a full recovery over the next few months.

‘I’m very grateful’

Esther continued: ‘I’m very grateful for all the help I received at Specsavers from beginning to end. The service and support really helped during a time that could have been very stressful. I can’t thank them enough.’

Opticians suggest regular eye tests every two years or if, like Esther, you experience floaters, flagging or flashes in your vision.

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