Following a poll* of 2,000 UK women, Specsavers has created the most handsome dad based on what women consider the most striking celebrity facial features.

The Dream Dad

The dream dad face consists of Orlando Bloom’s sculpted cheekbones, David Beckham’s hair, Jude Law’s button nose, Brad Pitt’s kissable pout and Johnny Depp’s eyes, especially when amplified by his ever-present, retro-style specs.

Survival instinct

Emma Kenney, TV psychologist says: ‘Humans respond to attractive faces – it’s all part of our inherent survival instinct. Women in particular look for good eyes, hair and teeth. Subconsciously this translates to good health and therefore healthy offspring. Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Jude Law, whose children have inherited their own good looks, are perfect examples of this.’

Glasses wearers

Emma Kenney, TV psychologist says: ‘Interestingly, there’s some research has shown that glasses wearers are perceived as more intelligent and successful. With Johnny, David and Brad regularly spotted in specs, they can also add those perceived attributes to their obvious physical charms.’

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