Since its inception in 2000, the Specsavers Children’s Charity has donated more than £160,000 to needy and disadvantaged children living in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the location of the largest Specsavers support office.

The charity has recently undergone a rebrand and has a new logo and shortened name, to bring it to a new audience and raise its profile within the island. It is chaired and run by Specsavers staff but is independent from the company.

Donations cover a wide range of worthy causes, from supporting large youth groups, to individual families in need of essential household items. Each case is reviewed by the committee and judged on its own merits but always closely referring to the remit: to assist needy and disadvantaged children who find themselves in difficult circumstances through no fault of their own.

As well as supplying funds, the charity also endeavours to provide support through other means, such as IT and creative skills or assistance with manual labour such as decorating or gardening.

The charity is financed through donations and fundraising, which includes a ball every November and smaller events throughout the year. During 2012, the continual support of the generous Guernsey community and sponsors of the ball have enabled the charity to donate to causes such as:

  • Buy a supportive seat for a severely disabled little girl
  • Replace a bed and mattress for an 18-month-old child whose previous one was broken during a domestic abuse incident by her father
  • Treat a troubled and isolated young boy to some new fishing tackle to encourage his interest in fishing
  • Buy goods to assist a family where a young boy’s father had died and help with the vet bills for his pets
  • Support a 17-year-old who had been in and out of care so that he could buy new clothes in order to attend job interviews
  • Fund racket ball sessions for children with learning difficulties
  • Provide a young girl with a passport to allow her to go on her first ever holiday to visit her grandparents in Spain
  • Buy a washing machine and cooker for a single mum with five children, two with disabilities, who has recently also taken her niece into her home
  • Fund a playscheme which provides activities for underprivileged children during the summer holidays


For further information on the Specsavers Children’s Charity or to submit a request, please contact Tina Bury or Alex Hanna. 01481 231709 01481 233667

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