With a long history of providing high-quality optical care for the Boston community, Specsavers on Wide Bargate have recently expanded their expert optometry team and upgraded their premises to ensure that they are keeping up with demand while providing locals with the best service possible.

Regular monitoring

Specsavers recommends that everyone should have their eyes tested every two years, or more frequently if recommended by an optician. Regular tests are not just a prescription review, they are also an important health check to monitor the health of the eyes over time and pick up any underlying problems before they become a major issue. The qualified team at the Boston store have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that each eye test is comprehensive, professional and efficient.

A specialist team

The expanded optometry team now includes five optometrists, including two optometry directors, Amy Marshall and Nitul Prajapati, who have accumulated more than 24 years of experience between them. Alongside Amy and Nitul are Sam Hussain, who became a fully qualified practitioner in 2015, Asa Elikington who qualified last year and Altaf Ariff who is currently undertaking his pre-registration year of practice – all of whom have extensive knowledge of the latest technology and diagnostic techniques.

High tech new store

The team’s expansion followed the move into new and improved premises on Wide Bargate. The expanded testing facilities include four testing rooms as well as a dedicated contact lens area. With the latest developments in contact lens technology providing options for a wide variety of prescriptions, including multifocal, lenses are now a comfortable and flexible alternative to specs.

Fitting and style

Specsavers in Boston are not just the experts when it comes to eye tests; they are also highly trained in fitting and style. The dispensing team are equipped with tablets which have special imaging software to allow customers to compare styles using photos of them wearing the glasses. The software then captures a range of essential dispensing measurements that are used to make the chosen frames the perfect fit for everyone.

Free hearing tests

Occurring naturally with age, or as a result of too much loud noise over time, hearing loss affects one in six people in the UK. Unlike sight loss, it is often a very gradual process and can happen over a number of years, so people often don’t realise their hearing is getting worse. As well as offering free hearing tests with a hearing care professional, Specsavers in Boston also offers the latest high-tech hearing aids from world leading manufacturers and free aftercare for as long as you need it.

The dedicated team are open seven days a week.

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