Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with tinnitus or you’ve been struggling to manage niggling tinnitus noises for years, the hearing team at Specsavers in Ashford, also responsible for Specsavers in Whitstable, shares some facts about the condition that you might not know about.

Hearing tips

  • Although the exact causes are still unknown, some factors are known to be involved in the development of the conditions. These factors are hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, ear infection and/or injury and emotional stress.
  • Despite it being a very common condition amongst adults, many people are embarrassed to mention it to friends and family and often decide not to do anything, hoping it will disappear. Unfortunately, for most people, tinnitus doesn’t go away, so the sooner a sufferer seeks help, the higher the chances for improvement.
  • Although it might sound a little odd, deaf people can also experience tinnitus. This is because in the vast majority of cases, tinnitus doesn’t produce actual sounds, just a sensation of sounds. 

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