Cherri Wilson, store director at Specsavers Audiologists in Wisbech, explains why it’s important to get regular hearing tests.

Cherri said: ‘It’s important to monitor the general health of your ears. We offer a free hearing health check to all of our patients. ‘Having your hearing checked should be part of your regular healthcare routine - despite whether you are concerned that you may be suffering from hearing loss or not.’

Sooner the better

'Seek help early, the sooner you seek help for your hearing, the better your hearing is likely to be for the long-term. Annual advice Cherri added: ‘At Specsavers we recommend anyone over the age of 55 has their hearing checked once a year.’

The Wisbech store has been offering hearing services for several years but, due to high customer demand, began offering its services seven days a week from September 2013.

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