In the height of the summer we all love a good festival. Meeting up with friends, listening to your favourite bands and indulging in good food is a great way to let loose. But how do you make sure that the good vibes aren’t dulled down by damaged hearing? Felixstowe’s hearing director, Westly Fox, gives his top tips on how to experience your favourite festival all while protecting your ears.

1.    First time fever

‘If you’re going to your first festival this summer, don’t worry too much about being overly protected. Cheaper, off the shelf earplugs should keep your hearing in check while still being able to enjoy your favourite tunes.’

2.    Experienced festival goers

‘If you’re someone who likes to party and is seen regularly at gigs, festivals and other live events that leave your ears ringing until the next day, it’s worth investing in some sturdier, custom-fitted ear plugs.

'They come in a range of colours and will comfortably protect your ears without spoiling your enjoyment of the music. Musicians’ earplugs reduce ambient noise, so the fidelity of the original music is preserved with no loss of clarity.’

3.    Keep hydrated

‘Making sure you keep hydrated is always important in the height of the summer, especially when you’re outside all day at a festival. But what you may not know is that the inner ear (an organ filled with fluid) can be damaged if you don’t keep hydrated as well as the rest of your body. Fluid balance is maintained by a charged particle’s or ion’s transport across the inner ear's membranes.

'This fluid helps maintain body equilibrium and transmits sound. The inner ear needs adequate blood flow to supply nutrients for fluid homeostasis and, as dehydration sets in, blood volume decreases and mineral imbalances occur, affecting the inner ear's fluid. So don’t forget to keep water on you at all times.’
4.    Give it a rest

‘Whether you’re a veteran festival goer or it’s a new experience, it’s always good to take a break. After the fun is over give your ears time to recover. As a general rule, you need at least 16 hours of rest for your ears to recover after spending around two hours in 100dB sound.

'Take the time to reflect on the experience and catch up on some well-earned sleep and, before you know it, you’ll be back in front of your favourite band.’

Got a festival in your diary? Come in store and talk to our team on how to make sure your ears and eyes are in good check, as well as browsing our range of designer sunglasses and hearing protection so you’re ready for the big day. 

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