Specsavers’ Better Hearing Bus is coming to Aberdeen in a bid to encourage people to take better care of their hearing.

Visitors will be able to try out the hearing loss simulator, have a hearing check and get professional advice on board the Specsavers-branded bus, which will be situated in at Union Square on 22nd August.

Essential testing

Research shows that one in six people (11m) are currently living with hearing loss in the UK1, which will rise to one in five (15.6m) by 2035 due to the UK’s ageing population. However, research has found that it takes on average 10 years for someone to seek help for hearing loss2, and untreated symptoms can have a huge impact on someone’s quality of life. Untreated hearing loss is linked to social isolation, depression and even an increased risk of developing dementia so it is important to encourage people to treat it early.

A word from our audiology manager

‘Many people find coming to terms with age-related hearing loss difficult,’ said Gillian MacDonald, audiology manager of Specsavers Aberdeen. ‘Some people feel embarrassed or think it makes them look old but the sooner you do something about your hearing loss, the better your hearing is likely to be in the long-term. Wearing hearing aids can help slow the rate of deterioration.

‘That’s why we are taking the Better Hearing Bus out on the road around the country. We want to make sure people have the right information about hearing loss and the problems it can cause and hopefully give people struggling with their hearing the confidence to do something about it.’

As well as having their hearing checked, visitors to the bus will also be able to take a look at the latest hearing aid technology and anyone troubled by earwax can have a free assessment to see whether they need to have it removed.

Hearing day

Staff at the Specsavers Union Street will also be hosting a dedicated hearing day to tie in with the Better Hearing Bus. Visitors to the store can learn about the different brands available while receiving a complimentary, walk-in hearing check on the day.

Experts recommend a hearing check every two years for those over 55 or for anyone with a hearing loss.

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