Specsavers stores across Cornwall are urging residents to prioritise their hearing health to ensure that they get the most enjoyment out of Christmas.

Gordon Harrison, Specsavers chief audiologist, said: ‘This year, more than ever, being with loved ones at Christmas will be the most important thing. But while it’s great to be surrounded by friends and family where you can, for some it won’t be all it is cracked up to be if they can’t join in with conversation or laugh at bad cracker jokes because of hearing loss. This can be so isolating for people, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

Book a hearing check

‘For some people who are shielding or not able to see their loved ones, technology like this is a lifeline, but again, poor hearing can leave them feeling disconnected and alone. If you or someone you love is struggling, we urge you to book in for a hearing check – it’s the greatest gift to give.’

Many people across Cornwall sometimes avoid social situations because they struggle to hear, leaving them feeling frustrated, isolated and depressed.

Working together

In an attempt to remedy this, Specsavers has partnered with the Jo Cox Foundation's Great Winter Get Together, a campaign that encourages everyone to face loneliness together, one connection at a time.

Kim Leadbeater, Jo Cox’s sister and ambassador for the Jo Cox Foundation said: ‘At the Jo Cox Foundation we know the importance of staying connected and we want to ensure that everyone has the confidence to do so, particularly during these challenging times. So we are delighted to be partnering with Specsavers to encourage people to consider how important it is to look after their hearing, and indeed vision, in order to connect with each other.’

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