Staff at Specsavers across Devon have warned that fancy dress revellers could play a nasty trick on their eyes by using costume lenses and make-up this October 31.

Not knowing how to wear or care for contact lenses can result in minor eye conditions such as red eye, infections and scratches – as well as more serious complications that can, in severe cases, lead to sight loss.

Scott McGowan, Ophthalmic director at Exeter Specsavers, said: ‘If you do start to notice any discomfort, irritation or pain during or after wearing Halloween contact lenses, it is important you visit an opticians immediately. Many of our Specsavers stores now offer eye health clinics where you can receive treatment for a range of minor eye conditions without needing to visit your GP or hospital.’

How to avoid a frightening mishap this Halloween

1. Seek guidance from your optician before using novelty contact lenses

2. Avoid purchasing cheap products online

3. Clean and store your lenses properly to avoid infection

4. Do not fall asleep in your lenses

5. Never share contact lenses with other people

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