Specsavers South Harrow are calling for local office workers to look out for eye strain. Eyecare experts from Specsavers in Northolt Road are calling for workers to remember to make time for regular eye tests and are offering tips on how to reduce computer eye strain.

Advice from the store director

Ekta Kumar, store director at Specsavers in South Harrow, said: ‘We encourage all residents to make regular eye tests part of their healthcare routines and we’re open until 7pm every week day and until 5.30pm at weekends for the added convenience of workers. We test the general health of your eyes but there are daily steps you can take to protect your eyes from strain.

If you spend large amounts of time in front of a computer, remember to look away from your screen on a regular basis and avoid working in excessive light conditions. Make small adjustments to the brightness, text size and contrast of your computer’s display, and ensure you’re seated at the correct height and distance from your screen. Opting for glasses over lenses, which can become uncomfortable and dry during long periods of computer use, can also help.’

For further advice on how to manage the strain of computer use on your eyes, pop into store or visit our website. 

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