A cricket umpire from Leek Wootton benefited from a free hearing check, thanks to the support of Specsavers hearing centre in Kenilworth. 


The team welcomed Norman Rogers into store for a free hearing check-up as part of the store’s sponsorship of Leek Wootton Cricket Club.

With the cricket season just around the corner, and alongside Specsavers Hearing Centres’ support for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the store wanted to ensure that Norman was in optimum health.

The store’s sponsorship also involves kitting out Norman in his own special white coat which aims to dispel any myths about his eyesight and confirm his judgments on the pitch.  The message on the back says; ‘I did go to Specsavers, in Kenilworth’.

A word from Kenilworth store director

‘We were delighted to help out the cricket club last year – ensuring people knew that Norman’s eyes were clearly on the ball with his special coat,’ said store director, Ambreena Ahsan Bhatti.

‘This year’s activity highlights the importance of maintaining good ear health by having regular hearing checks – no matter what profession you’re in. Hopefully we can give Norman the all-clear so that he’s at the top of his game during the busy cricket season ahead.’

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