A Finchampstead resident owes her sight to an optician following the detection of a retinal tear during an eye examination.

Flashing lights

Julia Arscott, a 58-year-old mother of four and grandmother of nine, had experienced flashing lights in her peripheral vision while driving at night. After the symptoms persisted for six months, Julia decided to book an eye examination at Specsavers in Wokingham.

Scott Phillips, optometrist at Specsavers Wokingham, says: ‘Julia came in for a routine eye examination and explained the issues that she had been having with her vision.

Referred to eye casualty

‘I inserted eye drops and completed a series of checks which revealed a small tear in the retina of Julia’s right eye. I immediately referred her to the eye casualty at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and booked her in for an emergency appointment.’

At the hospital Julia underwent further tests where she was diagnosed with a retinal tear, which can lead to permanent sight loss if left untreated.

Glad she did not delay

Julia says: ‘I delayed going for an eye test for six months because I did not know how serious the problem was. It was extremely fortunate that I did not leave it any longer!’

Following the diagnosis, Julia was rushed into surgery to repair the damaged retina. The surgery was successful and Julia was released from hospital later that day.

Julia continues: ‘My recovery was really good following my surgery and I noticed an instant improvement in my vision. I can’t thank Scott and the doctors at Royal Berkshire Hospital enough. They handled the situation so calmly, without them I could have lost my sight.’

Importance of eye examinations

Sean Caskey, ophthalmic director in Wokingham, comments: ‘We’re so pleased that Julia’s treatment has been successful. Eye examinations not only test your vision, but can also detect a number of potentially harmful issues.’

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