“Specsavers Saved My Sight” - Mrs Powell

Local Telford resident Janet Powell had been suffering with blurred vision and floating spots in one eye for three days, before eventually deciding to visit Specsavers in the Telford Shopping Centre.

Staff at the store were quick to ensure she was seen straight away by Specialist Optometrist, Vinay Najran, who, after carrying out a full eye examination, suspected she was suffering from a retinal detachment and retinal haemorrhaging behind her eye. Vinay immediately sent Janet to A&E where she was given emergency laser eye treatment - this speedy action saved her sight.

‘I’m just so grateful to Specsavers, if it wasn’t for their quick thinking I might not have any sight in my right eye’, said Mrs Powell.

Mr Najran said that she had been very lucky to have had her sight saved. This was due to a Primary Eyecare Acute Referral System appointment (PEARS). ‘We urge all customers to make regular eye checkups, at least every two years, to ensure any abnormalities are spot-ted immediately’, he added.

‘I would say to anyone who thinks they have a similar issue to Janet to get themselves checked.’

The Telford Specsavers staff outside the store with customer Janet Powell

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