Specsavers in Shirley want people to take the plunge with contact lenses and are looking to tackle common misconceptions about them.

Specsavers Shirley store director, Leighton Simmons said: ‘People often shy away from contact lenses because of the many myths around them.

‘We can offer people a step-by-step guide to show people that we can provide them with a comfortable, high quality fit. Here are our top tips to avoid the myths.’

Myth 1 – “They are difficult to use”

People can have a full test run of contact lenses in-store so that they can be comfortable using them by themselves.

Myth 2 – “I’m too young or old for contact lenses”

Contact lenses are available to people of all ages, no matter what their prescription is.

Myth 3 – “They are uncomfortable”

Specsavers have high-tech materials to make sure your contact lenses are comfortable.

Myth 4 – “They are a hassle”

Disposable daily lenses can be worn once and then thrown away, to avoid constant cleaning.

Try contact lenses now at Specsavers Shirley, located at 18-20 High Street.

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