As we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring, for many, this change of season is also the beginning of the dreaded hayfever. With over 21 million hayfever sufferers in the UK, York Specsavers is urging their customers to visit for expert advice on how to best care of your eyes this spring.

How to relieve hayfever symptoms

For individuals that wear glasses or contact lenses, allergy symptoms can prove to be particularly irritating and difficult to manage with itchy, burning and swelling eyes. Experts recommend that those who wear glasses switch to a wraparound version of their specs to help keep the pollen away from the eyes. Although contact lens wearers are advised to switch to daily disposables to combat itching, if unsucessful it is best for them to also consider a wraparound version of glasses for hayfever season. 

If you suffer from hayfever, take a trip to your local Specsavers opticians for personalised advice on how you can combat the change of seasons this year.

A word from the Store Director

Deryck Watts at York Specsavers, comments: “Hayfever and allergies can often be dismissed as a trivial problem. This shouldn’t be the case, allergies can not only disturb sleep, they also affect concentration and cause people to miss school or work.

“We want our local residents to know that we are on hand to help this hayfever season. I would urge anyone seeking advice to visit us here at York Specsavers and we will do our very best to assist them.”

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