The Buxton store has donated tens of high visibility vests to local children, helping to keep them safe during dark winter evenings and mornings.

Scouts stay safe

The 1st Chinley Scouts were among those who received a donation of vests from the store, while other vests were given out to children who booked in for an eye test at the Spring Gardens store.

Visibility is increasingly difficult

At this time of year with the dark mornings and nights, combined with increasingly wintry weather, it can be difficult for motorists to see pedestrians. Many children are walking home from school at dusk, which is a particularly hazardous time.

Days are at their shortest

Store director Tom Rhodes commented: ‘Now that the nights are at their darkest, we want to ensure that children – and their parents – feel safe when they’re out and about over the next few months.

‘By raising awareness and offering the children these vests, we hope that they take extra care on trips and excursions.’

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