Samantha, an optical assistant at the Bootle store and Chris, director at the Crosby store have assisted with improving vision testing for around 5000 children across a number of Liverpool primary schools.

Visits to schools 

They visited schools local to the stores and delivered assemblies to children and advised their teachers on the simple three-minute screening test.

The test can detect the most common eye problems that affect children, such as long and short sight, lazy eye and squints.

In late 2015 Specsavers’ research revealed that nearly four million UK children have never had their sight tested at school.

Vision screening kits

The kit includes software which runs on any computer or tablet device, and test glasses to be worn by the child. Simply operated without any training required, it can be used to detect the most common eye problems among children including short-sightedness (myopia), lazy eye (amblyopia), squint (strabismus) and astigmatism, allowing them to be corrected early on.

Developed on the back of detailed research into children's eye health

The clever software has been developed by scientists at City University London following research by the College of Optometrists , which found that fewer than a third of local authorities in England are providing vision screening for children.

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